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publicis_sanofi_targifor_"old car" / bronze no El Ojo De Iberoamerica 2011

jwt blue hive_ford_"sleeping beauty"_by dan gifford & roger velloso (co_direction)

propeg_ministério da saúde_health ministry_"party"

lapis raro_mercantil bank_"dog"

energybbdo chicago usa_sc johnson_"light switch boogie"


propeg bsb_ministério da saúde_health ministry_"fantasy"

lapis raro_industry federation fiemg_"the world changed"


dm blackninja_metro sp_"maintenance"


giacometti_banco do brasil_"planos"

ogilvy chicago usa_sc johnson_"busy life"

lapis raro bhz_aymoré_"neto"

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videoprojection_theater performance_ "o capote" [see more here

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casapássaro_vitrola quântica_"#7"

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